Powerglide Components

Powerglide pan w/ filter extension, gasket and bolts.


Scott's Billit Cover, Gaskets, and Bolts


Billet dual ring servo for more positive shifts.


Protree high pressure transbrake w/ reverse safety.


Reconditioned stock 176 gear set w/ ring gear and flange gear.

$205.00 (when available)

High performance gasket and seal kit.


180 straight cut 9310 gear set. 4340 bolt on output shaft (long or short) w/ ring gear and flange gear. Up to 2500 hp.


Powerglide race overhaul kit w/ high performance gaskets and seals. Kevlar band and 8 redline frictions, 8 kolene steels, 6 reverse frictions, 6 reverse steels, and filter. High performance bushing set.


Powerglide pump gears.


Powerglide race pump, high flow heat treated stater. New gears, gaskets and seals.


w/ bearing options 




Complete 8 clutch drum with billet steel hub. 8 alto frictions, 8 kolene steels, assembled. 



Complete 10 clutch drum with billet steel hub. 10 alto frictions, 10 kolene steels, assembled. 


Powerglide racing band w/ Kevlar lining.


Billet steel clutch hub.


Heat treated high flow stator tube.


Billet steel powerglide lightened clutch hub.


Transmission storage kit.


Alto redline frictions 8 pack and Kolene steels 8 pack



10 pack $221.90

Powerglide piston 8 alto redline frictions and kolene steels.


This Reid SFI/Certified case with safety liner is simply the best one piece transmission case available. You cannot find another case with a better combination of strength, simplicity, lightweigh, and unsurpassed quality in casting and machining.


Universal shift lever


Also available in two piece case. W/Chevy SFI bell housing.






Ford and Mopar


This roller bearing tailshaft housing is designed to fit both the REID Superglide, ATI Supercase, and stock  powerglide transmissions.



The ATI Performance aluminum Powerglide Supercase features SFI certification, a bellhousing. Developed to eliminate all weak points found in the original Powerglide case, the rugged Supercase and bellhousing are SFI-approved for competition, and feature a steel safety inner liner.


4340 input shaft.
Powerglide or turbo spline.


Locking fill tubes. Short or long.


Complete reconditioned powerglide assembly kit. Includes machine piston for 8 clutch pack and universal shift lever.


A Newly designed transbrake micro-switch is very sensitive with a gloved feel. This is not a new style button, but a machined locator to lay your finger or thumb in the same position every time.